EBGE 2015 awards Visual Identity sting

EBGE 2015 Visual Identity sting
MADE WITHIN (within.gr) for the EBGE awards (ebge.gr)
Starring: Dimitra Grammatikaki (http://www.pastrykia.gr/)
Direction: Sergio Ko (pleaseinsertcoin.com)
Music/sound : Anthony P. (www.alfa-p.com/)
Copywriter: Giorgos Emmanouil
Art Direction: Yiorgos Yiakos (http://www.comebackstudio.com/), Yiota Katraki (iamnotadesigneur.tumblr.com/) Olympia Lioni (http://ost2.gr/)
Editing: Nickos Myrtou, Constantin Pilavios (http://movieteller.gr/)
A please insert coin / pastrykia / I AM NOT A DESIGNEUR production


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