Sergio Ko is a multi award winning designer/director using  “please insert coin” as his production alias.

In 2014 he co-found and is part of the holistic design and film bureau, WITHIN http://www.within.gr .

In 2019-20 Sergio is attached to direct “Future postman”, an animated TV series aimed at families, aiming to raise awareness for environmental issues, for ADDart in Thessaloniki Greece.

Since the summer of 2018 Sergio is part of MAL-VI ( http://www.mal-vi.com ), the award-winning, interdisciplinary design and communication agency based in London, UK and Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sergio has a vast production experience on set and in post production starting as a 3d animator and continues as a director and a set designer for various tv shows and television commercials for the major production companies in Greece.

Having worked on all pre/shoot/post fields he can handle budgets wisely for all kinds of production be it theater, television, viral, or advertisements.

find me at sergio@pleaseinsertcoin.com

More projects on my Adobe portfolio:



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