My Market mobile app promo video

Created WITHIN for Re|direct
Creative Director Konstantinos Vatougios
Directed by Sergio Ko
Art Direction and illustration by The Comeback Studio
Animated WITHIN
Sound Design by Anthony P
Storyboards by Kostas Kiriakakis
Voice A Constantin Pilavios
Voice B Maria Zervou
Voice C Stella

We were commissioned by “Re|direct” media agency to create an animation for “My Market”, a supermarket chain in Greece. The purpose of the animation was to to present My Market’s new app and explain its use to their customers.
After speaking with Re|Direct’s project manager M. Paterakis and their Creative Director C. Vatugios, we opted for a fresh 2d animated video.
We started with a tight storyboard by Kostas Kiriakakis. We then used our multi-faceted team of illustrators @ the Comeback Studio and our art direction was set. For the sound design we turned to our go-to sound guy Anthony P. He recorded our test dialog and preliminary sound so we could start animating WITHIN.
The final edit was provided WITHIN by Constantin Pilavios. The whole project was directed by Sergio Ko.e1b4f26b16311596ef746bcdaad47587 9a0568e7e357daed495abd31f5e8d490 17bc5f4b3070149036b62ce03a7a90cd 21b55c4ba41f4c697febda6add06b015 6584010e308ead26008365b19574353c 01b21bcfa811be297e82d7d138ba043a bf50f0a7d2125f50f05c26a8d1c6d48f d665a4aaabd32bbdbab66fcc229fe498 fe1951fd3e498d1506c5aa1f66b8f21d bde6baeeb586fb6d265f64ead6660006 04edc3bc19c8d9297d7f4e8dc4fb98de 7e3b9cbd2704b1c4666a43560b544d4c 545395e8ad0649b08b0c96259dc4f7d4 168ed3715582f7881967636bc03bd412


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