The Voice of Greece 2014

The Voice of Greece Set Design

Produced by Ant1 television

Creative Direction and Set Design by John Vamvouras

Art Direction by Sergio Kotsovoulos

Set Construction by John Tsouklidis

Views and design elements

“Coca Cola” “Special Olympics World Games 2011” Charity Auction (2011)


Produced by Showhat for Asset Ogilvy

Producer Pathy Katsoufi

Art Direction and Set Design Sergio Kotsovoulos

Audio Visual support by Avitech 


citibank staff event (2008)

Made with Lespot productions in 2008



Direction by Vangelis Koufelis

Set Design/Art direction Sergio Kotsovoulos

Light Design George Tellos

Production Director Elli Kyriakou

Producer Despina Burdeka

E. Producer Olga Rikou