THE BLACK CAPES – New Life (Official Video)

Directed by Sergio Ko & Pagan INC.
Cut: Pagan INC.
Camera: Sergio Ko & Pagan INC.
Starring: Anna Maria


THE BLACK CAPES – All These Monsters (Official Video)

Shot and cut by Sergio Ko
Extra shots by Paganis
Colour and effects by Constantinos Tsichritzis
Pumpkins and spiderwebs by Alahouzos Studio

THE BLACK CAPES – Sarah The Witch (Official Video)

Shot by Sergio Ko (
Additional Shots by Margarita Konstantinidou
Edited By Konstantinos Tsichritzis
Executive Producer Nickos Myrtou
Thanks to Noctua Brewery ( , Alahouzos FX (

The Black Capes, Please Insert Coin, WITHIN production