“Future Postman” presentation at Cartoon forum (addart 2018)

In 360 video, the first 20 minutes of our presentation at Cartoon Forum 2018 in Toulouse of our family oriented animated series “Future Postman” . Presenting are Dimitris Savaidis of Addart (writer and producer of the series} Sergio Ko (director)

Future Postman is an animation TV series of 13 episodes, 5 minutes each. The series is themed with an important messages about the environment. Each episode deals with a different problem (food, water, plastic, forests, waste etc.) and narrates a different story, through which the audience can acknowledge the present and a possible future condition of our planet, in a fun and lighthearted way. Future postman has been presented in , Cartoon Forum Pitching event, enTTech, Kre8tif Media Agora & Forum and MIPCOM.


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