Netflix Greece Title localisation (WITHIN 2017)

We were selected by Netflix as one of the local (Greek) creative teams that undertook the task of doing the localization for a plethora of titles, for both Netflix Originals (Netflix original content) and licensed titles.

In a nutshell, we had to redesign, in Greek, a great chunk (800+) of the titles of all the movies and series which are available from Netflix in Greece. We started working on the project on August 2017 with the official launch set for November 2017 and we ended up working past the launch since the volume of the titles was huge. The work required excellent typography design and particular skills, such as deep knowledge of the design of the Greek Alphabet. Plus, it was an excellent chance for us to polish and master our Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and 3d Studio Max skills. It was also a chance to temporarily expand our team for the duration of the project (5 months in total) with some of our good friends from Within who added new skills to the mix. Big thanks to them and also to everyone at Netflix involved in the localization process, it was a true pleasure working with them. You can see part of the project presented  Ηere, or you can login to Netflix and change the language setting to “Greek” in order to get a better view of the titles.


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